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SLOBs Executive Board 2023-2024


Front Row: Zach Beebe, Will Borowsky, Alex Berkley, Avery Mueller

Back Row: Zachary Gottlieb, Cole Siegner, Tucker Peters, Miles Cahn, Jared Even,

Ko Seltzer, Brady Nahmias 

Not Pictured: Jamie Pressdee, Nick Fabian

SLOBS Executive Board 2023-2024

President – Ko Seltzer and Aiko Nose;

Vice President Membership – Miles and Melissa Cahn; 

Vice President Philanthropy - Jamie and Tania Pressdee;

Assistant VP Philanthropy – Zach and Michael Beebe

Vice President Hours – Tucker and Jody Peters;

Assistant VP Hours – Cole and Carissa Seigner

Communications Chair – Alex and Andrea Berkley;

Fundraising Chair – Avery and Merri Mueller

Donation Chair – Will Borowsky and Suzanne Elkin

Treasurer – Jared and Michele Even

Service Weekend Chair – Zachary and Kim Gottlieb

Meetings Chair – Brady and Denise Nahmias 

Parliamentarian – Nick and Lori Fabian

Senior Executive Board Members


Miles Cahn, Tucker Peters, Jared Even, Ko Seltzer, Avery Mueller, Alex Berkley

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